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Frequently asked questions

We know you might have questions! If anything you're looking for isn't covered here, send us a message or fill out a contact form!

We will try to keep it short and sweet!
Do you have travel fees?

For any wedding within our usual 80 mile radius we do not charge travel fees! For anything farther away, we charge $1.50/mile past but not including the first 80 miles (applies both ways) Example: your wedding is 200 miles away, round trip is 400 miles, 400-80-80=240 chargeable miles. 240x$1.50=$360 travel fee.

Can we add hours to our package?

Of course! Our additional hourly rate is $300/hour. This takes into account the extra time on the wedding day and extra time involved in editing.

Can we add a second shooter?

A second shooter is a great idea for your wedding day, sometimes there's just so much going on and we can't be in two places at once! The second shooter fee is $100/hour. Depending on location we may require a three hour minimum. Must be requested 30+ days before wedding. Second shooter may vary but we guarantee professionalism and talent!

Where are you located?

We are located in Gladstone, MI. We love the peace and quite and the outdoor activities here but we also love to travel!

What kind of drone coverage is available?

Drone coverage adds a unique perspective to your special day.
Coverage includes: establishing shots of the venue and prominent landmarks, some wedding party coverage, some couple coverage. Drone coverage automatically applies when you opt for photo + video coverage, but certain limiting factors still apply: FAA regulations must be adhered to at all times, including: no-fly zones, temporary flight restrictions and Notice To Airmen. Weather, air traffic, crowds, etc. may impact coverage. We will do our proper due diligence to attempt to acquire necessary permits or waivers to fly at your requested location if required.

How do we get our photos and videos?

Your photos will be delivered in a private online gallery (the same one as your engagement session if you had one with us) organized into what part of the day they're from. Your videos will be in a private Vimeo showcase including the engagement video and all of the deliverables from the wedding day. You will also receive a USB with all of the photos and videos when they are all ready!

What other products do you offer?

We have a wide variety of prints and albums available for purchase! Ask us about the specific type you are looking for, we use only the best and most cost efficient labs to print!

Do you attend rehearsal?

We really like to attend rehearsal when possible! It lets us get a better idea of lighting conditions and gives us the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the location ahead of time.

What's your turn around time?

Both photographs and videos will be delivered within 90 days, but it is typically much sooner than that.  

Do you have your own lighting?

We have on camera flash and off camera continuous lights, it's up to you if you are comfortable with us using them in certain situations like the ceremony. We prioritize your experience and don't want to inconvenience anybody so we only use them when we need to!

Do you like your job?

Like it? WE LOVE IT! Working together as a husband and wife team is a dream come true and it's basically all we talk about! We couldn't be happier and we think our work is evidence of that!

Do you cover elopements?

Heck yes! Whether you've decided to come to the beautiful U.P. for your elopement or you want to have us travel to a destination with you, we offer a personally catered experience for these situations. Use our contact page to reach out and tell us what you're planning, we will plan and come up with a custom package together!